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I had nothing short of an amazing and memorable experience being both a coach and skills trainer

for the LDN Warriors 3×3 teams. Spawned in the midst of 2020 Lockdown, Martin Dyan assembled

an elite staff roster which consisted of myself, Afiz Olaniyan (Way2work), Nate Lucas (S&C coach),

Tilly Spurr (renowned Nutritionist) and Wu Ijelu (Sports Therapist). Together we would coach and

train some of London’s finest talent and participate in 5 different Summer Tournaments which are

hosted annually.

The LDN Warriors made history being the first ever official 3×3 club to represent London for both

Men’s and Women’s and also took part in an epic unveiling of Writtle University’s multi court

outdoor Basketball facility. With Great Britain claiming Gold in the recent Commonwealth games,

3×3 Basketball is certainly on the rise and we have no doubt the LDN Warriors will continue to make

waves in British Basketball. Be sure to follow LDN Warriors journey via Instagram or check out, “The

Rise of the LDN Warriors” on YouTube and “Slam Dunk” a documentary aired on ITV which gives

great insight to the life of a Warrior.

The LDN Warriors made history

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