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More info on our sessions

Here is more information on the sessions we offer so you can find the right one for you

Kids Basketball Club

Our Kid's session is back and better than ever! We have thankfully acquired a new venue, a few minutes away from our last which will be starting Tuesday 4th of April! Offering a plethora of fun and exciting Basketball drills, we have no doubt the kid's will be in for a special treat each and every week. With a Summer Tournament confirmed with iBall Basketball foundation, this Summer looks to be nothing short of AMAZING!

Price Per Session: £12 (£40 for the Month)

New Session! Workout with Coach Benji Gym Edition

Introducing a new session open to clients of all levels. As I will be making my return to the court next season, I will be in the Gym at least 6 times a week! Now, some may think that's excessive however the time will be distributed into different sections to ensure my return is injury free. The exercises will consist of plyometrics, upper and lower strength training, balance, core and stability exercises along with the much-needed cardio! Each workout will be limited to 4 people max based on a first come first serve basis.

Pay as you Go
  • Pay as you Go

  • £ 20
Monthly Unlimited Access
  • Monthly Unlimited Access

  • £ 250
Twice a Week
  • Twice a Week

  • £ 80

Weekly Zoom Stretching

Start your week off right with my weekly 45-minute live stream stretching class every Monday evening at 8pm. We will touch on loosening our hip flexors, quads, hamstrings and every fibre and ligament required to maximizing our blood flow and injury prevention. The benefits of stretching include: improve physical performance, increase range of motion in your joints and improve overall ability to do daily activities

Price Per Session: £5

Spring/Summer Outdoor packages


Beginner? Fill out one of our inquiry forms so that we can give you 1:1 support on your basketball journey. 


individual Session
  • individual Session

  • £ 70
Five Sessions
  • Five Sessions

  • £ 300
Ten Sessions
  • Ten Sessions

  • £ 550


I've had the pleasure of working with Coach Benji for a number of years now. Speaking on behalf of the kids within my program at Berkshire Bulldogs, they absolutely love him! A week does not go by before at least 3 kids ask about Benji and when he is next coaching with us. Coach Benji finds it easy to combine fun with development. The children and adults in his session always finish the workout having improved their game but more importantly had a great time doing it. His wealth of knowledge and experience in the game allows for him to plan and carry out advanced and high level coaching. I strongly recommend you get involved with Benji's program, you're guaranteed to have a great time and see your game improve.

Head Coach at Berkshire Bulldogs
Jake Thomas

Working with Lawmann Basketball Training was a great experience. I felt like I was learning and getting better every session. His work ethic definitely stands out as he puts his best into making every drill, game situational which makes it easier to learn faster. I definitely enjoyed my experience, thank you!

Ireland International and Pro
Taiwo Budmas

Before I met Coach Benji I already knew of his greatness. His name was known amongst our best talents our country has to offer. Benji has been like a big brother to me throughout my career, helping me to understand the game off and on the floor. Benji has taught me how to use my passion to shape my life and I respect him dearly for his unconditional love to not only myself but to the talented youths.

UK's No.1 Slam Dunker
Joel Henry aka "The Royal Guard"

Getting the opportunity to workout with Coach Benji is always a lot more than just a player + trainer interaction for myself. Having played the game and becoming nothing short of a problem and someone who can hold his own with any competition in the world simply through hard work and determination. Working out with Coach Benji I get stories, explanations and even a live defender that knows how to motivate and help you get better.

GB International and Pro
Ashley Hamilton

Empower your game with BLaw Training LTD. Led by experienced Managing Director and Lead Coach Benjamin Lawmann, our innovative sessions offer basketball, fitness, and mentoring to unlock your full potential. Join our community of diverse and driven athletes today.

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